What Can You Wear On Valentine's Day To Surprise Him?

Valentine's Day is the holiday of all lovers, which is celebrated annually on February 14th. The holiday is especially popular in Western Europe and the USA. On this day, loved ones are given cards, flowers and gifts.
What Can You Wear On Valentine's Day To Surprise Him?

The history of the holiday

Valentine's Day is the holiday of all lovers, which is celebrated annually on February 14th. The holiday is especially popular in Western Europe and the USA. On this day, loved ones are given cards, flowers and gifts.

According to the most popular version, the roots of this holiday go back to Ancient Rome: on February 14, the Romans honored the goddess Juno, the patroness of women, marriage and motherhood. And on February 15, Lupercalia began - the festival of fertility.

On this day, Luperk priests undressed (sometimes covering their shame with a goat skin), took ritual whips from pieces of goat skin and ran around the city, hitting women they met. It was believed that these ritual blows save from infertility, give easy pregnancy and childbirth, so the Roman women willingly substituted for whips, wrote the ancient historian Plutarch.

In 496, Pope Gelasius I banned the Lupercalia. On February 14, the Catholic Church celebrates the day of remembrance of two martyrs with the same name: Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Interamna, who lived in the 3rd century. The bishop of the city of Interamna was famous for his gift of healing. During the period of persecution of Christians, he was arrested, and after refusing to sacrifice to the pagan gods, he was tortured and then beheaded.

St. Valentine from the legends is a collective image that united Valentin Intermansky and Valentin the Roman. In the Middle Ages, his name began to be associated with the patronage of lovers. It was said that Valentine was executed for having secretly married Roman soldiers and their brides, contrary to the ban of Emperor Claudius II.

The legend tells of a farewell letter with a declaration of love, which Valentine sent before the execution of his jailer's daughter Julia. According to another version, he gave a certain letter to a blind girl, and she was miraculously healed. From this message, according to legend, the custom of giving valentines - postcards in honor of Valentine's Day - began.

How is this holiday celebrated?

Thus, in the 20th century, February 14 finally became Valentine's Day, and not a religious holiday. On this day, it is customary to give gifts, flowers and sweets to loved ones and loved ones. Enough is considered a souvenir, a toy or a balloon. But wealthy people can give something more meaningful - for example, jewelry.

Valentine's Day is a holiday of romantics. He is considered successful for a declaration of love, a marriage proposal, just for a beautiful date.

A mandatory attribute of the holiday is a valentine, that is, a card decorated with an image of a heart or made in the form of a heart. You can send them not only to your soulmate, but also to relatives and friends. A valentine may contain a plea for love, or it may just be good wishes. For example, friends can wish to love and be loved, find their love, be happy in marriage.

What to wear on Valentine's Day

Lace dresses, pumps with hearts and provocative underwear - all together and all at once is possible only on February 14th.

Many people like the Halloween and Valentine's Day holidays that came to us from the USA, because they do not carry any serious semantic load, but they make it possible to diversify gray everyday life by looking for a witch costume or depraved underwear and a heart-shaped box of chocolates. If you are indifferent to Valentine's Day and are not going to give anyone anything or arrange surprises on this day, then it would be stupid to advise you what to wear on February 14th. You will still wear something casual and casual for you, especially since Valentine's Day falls on a working day this year. And if, on the contrary, you are looking forward to this day, prepare gifts and think in advance how you will celebrate it with your lover, then our girlish advice is for you.

Valentine's Day is a holiday of red hearts, teddy bears, flower bouquets, flirting and kissing. And if you don’t consider all this stupid cliches, you will be pleased to plunge into the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day and dress up for this holiday not for yourself, but for your man. Perhaps, it is still possible to commit such a crime against emancipation once a year.

Lace and frills

It just so happens that the holidays create a mood, while we, eternally busy workaholics, sometimes do not have enough time and energy to create it ourselves. Wearing a feminine dress made of lace or with a sexy cutout on the back on a date with your soulmate on February 14, you will definitely feel the vibes of love in the air.

  1. Black lace dress;
  2. Red lace dress;
  3. White lace dress.

Mini skirts and mini dresses

To short dresses and skirts that reveal women's legs, men have been indifferent exactly since the time when women began to wear these same dresses and skirts.

We foretell a pleasant surprise on the face of your young man when he sees you in a new mini, happy and pleased with yourself, and realizes that you are his best gift for Valentine's Day.

  1. Black miniskirt;
  2. Black miniskirt;
  3. Pink miniskirt;
  4. Purple mini dress;
  5. White mini dress;
  6. Dark blue mini dress;
  7. Black flowy mini dress.

High heels

Men adore girls in high heels, although the same male orthopedists are not shy about reminding them how harmful it is. But if you are not dating an orthopedist and also have the skills to safely move in heels, put them on on Valentine's Day and please the man with your grace and beautiful gait.

  1. Red high heel shoes;
  2. Black platform shoes;
  3. Transparent high heel shoes with a chain;
  4. Black pump heels;
  5. Women's platform pumps with red heels.

Romantic accessories

There is no better occasion than Valentine's Day to wear all kinds of jewelry with hearts, kisses and love inscriptions, which are produced in abundance by jewelry brands. If you are afraid to seem too sentimental to your young man in this love jewelry, explain to him that women are by nature very sensual and passionate creatures - there would be only a reason.

How to surprise a guy on Valentine's Day?

The closer February 14 is, the more acute for many girls the question arises: how to surprise a guy on Valentine's Day? In order to make this date special for you and your beloved, we have put together a few simple recommendations that can turn Valentine's Day into your favorite holiday.

1. Image change.

Your half has been hinting for a long time that he dreams of seeing you in lacy lingerie, on stilettos and with bright makeup - and at the same time you are a staunch fan of comfort in clothes? It's time to try something new and follow the desires of your man. At least for one day. A romantic evening in the company of a “familiar stranger” will surely become one of his most vivid impressions. In addition, it is possible that you yourself will like the new image.

2. Declaration of love.

It doesn't matter how long you've been together. If you have something to say to your loved one - do not be silent. Remember how the heroines of the novels did it. Write about your feelings on a piece of paper, in the best traditions of the genre, sprinkle the letter with your favorite perfume, pack it in a beautiful envelope and discreetly put it in your chosen one's bag or leave it in the most visible place as if by accident. Don't be afraid to seem ridiculous and overly romantic - men are much more sentimental than they are commonly thought!

3. Fulfillment of desires.

Give your man a gift that he has long dreamed of. Do a mini-investigation, ask friends and family, and you will know for sure how to surprise a guy on February 14th. Perhaps he will be happy with a jersey of a player of his favorite football team or a model of an airplane, the first time he saw which, he decided in childhood that when he got up, he would certainly become a test pilot. And it doesn’t matter that in the end your chosen one graduated with honors from a law degree - he will definitely appreciate the attention and with much more zeal will rush to fulfill your innermost desires!

4. Surprise in the bedroom.

Striptease, handcuffs, toys from a sex shop, edible lingerie, or at least sex with the lights on - there are probably some taboos in your intimate life that you can try to break as an exception. And Valentine's Day is the best time for this. Allow yourself more than usual: some of your experiments can be a real discovery for you and a pleasant diversification of your usual love games.

5. Culinary duel.

Of course, the words that the way to a man's heart lies through his stomach have long become a common truth, and some even seem banal. But nothing prevents you from turning the process of preparing a festive menu into a romantic adventure. Choose a recipe for a new dish for yourself and cook it together. Collaboration not only helps save time and effort, but also brings people very close together. In addition, the kitchen is a place suitable not only for culinary exploits, but also, according to male fantasies, for hot sex!

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