How To Choose The Perfect Bag For Your Lifestyle

How To Choose The Perfect Bag For Your Lifestyle

Those who follow fashion are well aware that every season there are new trends that you need to follow if you want to show your great taste and style. This also applies to bags, but professional stylists think that every fashionista or fashionista should have at least one universal bag model in her wardrobe. It should be roomy and suitable for any occasion of life, be appropriate for any situation. To begin with, let's figure out how many bags a woman should have that are included in a universal wardrobe for the season.

Bags from the universal women's wardrobe for the season

The first mandatory option is a “work” bag, that is, the one with which you go to work. There is no universal advice on its choice here, since it depends on your type of activity. Someone suits a bag that fits documents, a tablet or a laptop, while someone prefers backpacks or even cross-body. Of course, we can say that if you go to work in a business suit, then a sports bag will definitely not fit your look. It happens that it is not possible to buy several bags for going to work. In this case, it is worth considering which option will be universal and will be combined with any work outfit.

The second mandatory option is a bag for “going out”. As a rule, bags that cope with this task are very small in size, and the best option that will always be relevant is a chain clutch. At the same time, such a bag should not be too small, yet it performs not only decorative functions. Such an accessory should fit a mobile phone, a minimum of necessary cosmetics in order to correct makeup if necessary, personal hygiene products, house keys, medicines, if necessary.

The third mandatory option is a casual bag. With it you can go for a walk after work or on a day off. Such a bag entirely depends on the lifestyle of the person to whom it belongs. For example, if you often go shopping in your free time, then the bag should be large so that some of the purchases can fit in it, saving you from endless bags. A bag for such a purpose can easily be replaced by a stylish backpack, besides, it is a very fashionable accessory this year, so you definitely won’t go wrong with such a choice.

The fourth option is a beach bag. Almost everyone likes to relax near the reservoirs, and sometimes it is also spontaneous, so a beach bag should be in any wardrobe. The material of the bag should be as light as possible, because the bag for this purpose is large: it should fit a towel, a spare swimsuit, snack food, water. In addition, summer is the most successful time of the year when you can be bright and not be afraid of experiments.

Choosing the perfect bag for your lifestyle

A bag in a girl's wardrobe is not just an accessory, it performs several functions: it complements the image and plays an important role in everyday tasks. Let's look at some simple rules that will help you make the right choice.

1. The bag must match: think it over in advance

To find the perfect bag that best suits your style and lifestyle, take out all the things that you wear on a daily basis from your wardrobe and see what color palette and style they are. Based on this, you can choose the most successful model. For example, if your everyday style is sporty, then instead of a bag, you can buy a stylish backpack.

2. Size matters too!

Consider what size bag you need based on your needs. If you buy a bag that's too big and there's too much space left in it, you won't like it. And vice versa, if the bag is too small, and all the necessary things will not fit in it, then most likely you will not wear it and put it in the “long drawer”.

3. Don't overlook the contents of the bag

Here we are talking about the fact that the bag you choose should have enough pockets and compartments to accommodate everything you need and that everything is neatly laid out. For example, there should be a pocket for documents - a passport, a work permit. Pocket for keys, personal care products, cosmetics. All this should be thought out so that you know exactly what requirements to place on the bag.

4. Minimalism is everything

You should not choose too bright a bag for every day. It can either quickly get bored, or at some point it will be inappropriate for the planned event. Bright accented bags are better to save for events where they will be appreciated, and for “every day” it is better to take something minimalistic - a calm color scheme without bright details.

5. A quality bag is the key to success

The bag that you plan to carry every day should not let you down, which means that it should be made from quality materials. The seams and fittings must be very reliable, and if they are not, the bag simply may not pass the city check. Such a bag should be made of very high quality leather, but if you decide to save money, be prepared for the fact that a cheaper option will have to be thrown out the next season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important accessory in a female daily image?
Definitely this is a female handbag. A female handbag is both a mystery and style of a woman, as well as this is an inequent attribute of every woman. Therefore, it must be correctly and carefully selected.

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