Tights Or Leggings?

What is better to wear for the occasion: tights or leggings, with what clothes they can be combined

The article discusses the variations, how and with what you can combine leggings and tights.

Tights or leggings?

Both leggings and tights are considered an element of underwear, or underwear. Tights can be both very thin - a kind of summer version, denser, as dense as possible - a winter version. Leggings are practically the same. What is the difference and how to properly wear these two elements of clothing?

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Tights: what is it

Most often, this type of clothing is made from nylon or lycra. They stretch very well and can have a wide variety of patterns, densities and sizes.

Tights differ from leggings in that they cover the foot and go all the way to the waist. Due to the huge variety of models, it will not be difficult to assemble a fashionable look with tights in a short time.

When the tights are put on the legs, they show through a little and the color of the skin is visible - this is another difference from leggings. This gives the image of elegance and a certain zest to the owner of slender legs.

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Tights: how to wear

If leggings can be worn as an independent type of clothing, for example, like jeans or sweatpants, then this will not work with tights - they are too transparent, underwear will be visible, and the girl will feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, tights should be worn under clothes. For example, you can create such an image: tights, a classic skirt, ballet flats, a jacket - a working image is ready. Tights can be worn under jeans, under trousers, and under any skirts, dresses. With any of this element of clothing, the tights will be combined just perfectly, and in addition will give the legs a more sophisticated look.

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Leggings: what is it

If tights are worn to complete the finished look, then leggings can be used as an independent type of clothing. If they are made of quality materials, they will not show through under any circumstances. Quality materials include spandex, cotton, polyester.

Unlike tights, leggings will cover the leg from the waist to the ankle or to the calf, depending on the model. That is why they can be used as an independent item of clothing. There are also a huge number of them - the colors of models, drawings, you can choose for every taste and situation.

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Leggings: how to wear

Tights are designed to make your legs look longer and smoother, while leggings are designed for comfort. They also come in summer and winter.

Leggings are a very versatile type of clothing. They can be combined with T-shirts, baggy sweaters, sports tops. Any created image will look profitable and relaxed.

There is an unspoken rule: leggings cannot be worn in the office as office clothes. Still, leggings are more homewear, they are not suitable for official visits and events.

Leggings can be worn quite easily in winter - they come with insulation. Given the density of the fabric from which they are created, leggings really do not let the cold through, which means they can be worn not only in autumn, but even in winter.

If you wear cheaper versions of leggings, you can expect an unpleasant surprise - over time, they will stretch and still show through, even if you wear them carefully. This can happen even after several washes. It will not look very nice and decent, so it is better to leave such cheaper options for home use, and for going out into the world - more expensive and high-quality models.

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Tights or leggings?

You cannot make a choice in favor of one thing, because tights and leggings are needed for different tasks.

Tights are suitable for creating more business-like and feminine looks, you can go to any event in them, but they cannot be worn just like that - always with a skirt, dress or trousers.

With leggings, everything is easier - they can be used as an independent type of clothing, but for more casual events. For example, for walking with friends or going to the store.

Tights cannot be worn in too cold weather - they practically do not retain heat, and in severe frost they can even stick to the skin, which will have not very pleasant consequences. Leggings, on the other hand, are suitable for wearing in the cold season, if they have an insulated lining.

Therefore, it is impossible to make an unambiguous choice in favor of one or the other. Tights are more about beauty and style, to emphasize feminine charms, leggings - for convenience and comfort. While they cannot be worn to work in the office, or to formal events, they can be worn anywhere else. With leggings and tights, you can come up with completely different looks for a variety of situations, which will significantly diversify your wardrobe.

Of course, every girl and woman will decide for herself what is best for her and for what occasion. However, everyone in the closet should have both tights and leggings in various variations, as well as those things that can be combined with them. So in the tights versus leggings battle is a fair draw.

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