What Lingerie To Wear For Christmas?

The magical New Year's custom of dressing in red has existed since the days of Ancient Rome: the Romans and Romans wore red in order to attract power, health and fertility in the new year, modern Italians believe that red panties will protect against the evil eye and evil spells directed against reproductive abilities, and Italians - that will attract love like a magnet attracts iron, that is, inexorably and firmly.
What Lingerie To Wear For Christmas?

Red magic panties

The magical New Year's custom of dressing in red has existed since the days of Ancient Rome: the Romans and Romans wore red in order to attract power, health and fertility in the new year, modern Italians believe that red panties will protect against the evil eye and evil spells directed against reproductive abilities, and Italians - that will attract love like a magnet attracts iron, that is, inexorably and firmly.

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Before the onset of each new year, the range of Italian underwear stores is replenished with red underwear: according to tradition, they are bought on the eve of Catholic Christmas on December 25, in order to give each other and have time to put on on New Year's Eve. What are five interesting magic rules that work with red underpants?

Rule number 1: you need to get underpants as a gift

It is not enough to buy red panties, they must be received as a gift, even in violation of the rules of secular etiquette!

In order to have time to exchange happy cowards, they are bought and presented in advance. Italians find it convenient to give panties for Christmas, so you can focus on a period of about a week until December 31st.

If you cannot expect to receive a pair of magical underpants from someone as a gift, do not try to cheat happiness - do not buy red underpants yourself!

Rule number 2: panties must be new

If in the depths of your chest of drawers there is a loose pair of red panties that doesn’t look new, it’s not a good option. The magic is possessed by never put on underpants, and not an exhibit of a home museum with a vague history of origin and a possible load of negative energy

This strict rule suggests that the whole thing with happy red underpants was invented by lingerie traders in order to raise demand and, accordingly, sales before the new year. But the Indians had similar customs before the advent of supermarket chains and cowards as such, and the Indians can be trusted!

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Rule number 3: panties should be exactly red

Pink, burgundy, orange panties will not work! Regarding color, the rules are extremely strict: only red and no other! Red has been used for centuries to prevent wars and other disasters, so it's best not to deviate from time-tested criteria!

But the rules are strict only with regard to color, not shape - the style can be absolutely anything: boxers, hipsters, tango, Brazilian, slips or thongs ...

Rule number 4: happy underpants must be worn inside out.

So, you are holding a pack of new red panties in your hands, getting ready to dress for a gala dinner on New Year's Eve. Luck and happiness can be doubly benevolent to you if you accidentally put on your panties inside out.

Happy red underpants are able not only to scare away malevolent spirits throughout the year, but also to attract love or ignite an extinct passion.

In the first minutes of the new year, the panties put on inside out must be changed correctly - this is another important component of the magic ritual!

Rule number 5: one pair can only be worn once.

New Year's panties work not as a reflector of negativity, but rather as an absorber, and therefore by the end of New Year's Eve they will contain a huge amount of failed intrigues, dirty tricks and other things that ill-wishers tried to send on you.

With the rising of the sun, New Year's panties lose their protective function, and it is time to get rid of them - throw them away. Some do not do it, but store it somewhere in the far corner of the dresser. You can do the same, but it is important to remember that these underpants should never be worn again - not on New Year's Eve, or at any other time.

Funnily enough, roughly 60 percent of Italians believe that red underpants are a one-night stand, according to a study by Italian company San Pellegrino. In fact, red panties are a multifunctional thing, and its main purpose is to fight off evil spirits, which are especially active on New Year's Eve.

New Year is the most magical holiday in our life, so any woman wants to look perfect on it. For a spectacular outfit, you should choose spectacular lingerie. In this way, you can increase your self-esteem and feel more confident.

Does the color of the “New Year's” panties matter? In fact, if you have not decided in what color shorts to celebrate the New Year, then you can trust the predictions of astrologers. They usually provide up-to-date predictions for each new year. For example, 2022 is the year of the tiger.

The tradition of celebrating the new year in new shorts

Celebrating the new year in new shorts is considered a good omen. It is advisable on the evening of December 31 to put on completely new clothes, including underwear, and in everything new to enter the next stage of life.

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For single girls, putting on new panties for the new year is also a good omen. This promises a meeting of their fate. In this case, the color of the linen does not really matter. You can even choose yellow panties for the new year, the main thing is that the hostess likes them, but experts in beliefs say that red panties bought for the new year are a sign that the meeting will take place with the love of all life.

How to dress for Christmas 2022?

New Years 2022 is approaching, and every girl is faced with the question - what to wear for Christmas? What should be considered when choosing an outfit? First of all, it should look beautiful. And of course, clothes should be appropriate for the setting and the event.

Even in Russia, on this day, it was customary to put on new outfits, despite the fact that in those days it was very difficult to buy clothes. Nowadays, it is very easy to choose things suitable for the big and bright holiday of Christmas.

When choosing an outfit, it is necessary to take into account with whom and in what environment it is planned to hold a festive evening. If it's a party, a dress is great. It can be of different lengths and styles, the main thing is that the outfit is not too revealing. But this does not mean that mini dresses are prohibited, the main thing is not to cross the brink of vulgarity, so it is necessary that the top be closed. Clothes that are too revealing should not be worn. Despite the fact that the highly moral times are behind us and it is no longer necessary to put on oversized sundresses to the toes, it is nevertheless necessary to remember that Christmas is a sacred holiday. On this day, the girl will be decorated with a modest and graceful New Year's dress.

The choice of clothing color is also important. Especially relevant: red, white, pearl, gold, green, blue. It is not necessary to choose one shade, you can harmoniously combine several colors in an outfit.

You should not be limited in your choice to only one dress. If a walk is planned on Christmas evening, it is better to choose a warmer outfit. An excellent solution would be a warm knitted sweater, it will warm you on a frosty snowy day. Putting it on, you can feel comfortable and at home. Sweaters with a Norwegian pattern are especially popular during Christmas.

It is a combination of different ornaments, stars, paths and deer. The color scheme and order of elements can be very diverse. The advantage of such knitting is not only a fashionable and beautiful ornament, but also the fact that thanks to the intertwined threads on the seamy side, the sweater becomes denser and therefore warmer.

The Norwegian pattern is relevant not only on sweaters, but also on other knitted things - dresses, leggings, scarves, gloves, bags, mittens and even socks.

It's hard to imagine a real Christmas without flickering garlands, snow and a wonderful sweater. This is an indispensable must have for girls' Christmas wardrobe. Every fashionista can choose a suitable model. The trend is not only the beloved white, red and blue colors, but also other fashionable combinations and shades. In such warm and cozy clothes, you can spend Christmas evening with your parents, relatives and closest people.

What about cosmetics?

Particular attention should be paid to makeup and hair. Makeup should not be vulgar, too dark tones in cosmetics should be avoided, but this does not prevent it from being solemn. A complex and intricate hairstyle is not at all necessary, you can simply style your hair beautifully.

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What is the most important in choosing women's underwear?
The main rule when choosing objects of women's linen is the most natural composition that is properly selected in figure size and convenient cut.

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