Stockings - The Secret Of Intimacy

Stockings are a lightweight, eye-catching piece of clothing that turns a feminine look into a mischievous and slightly taboo desire in men. Only courageous women buy this piece of clothing for themselves. Fishnet stockings are one of the erotic fantasies of men. Well-chosen stockings can make your legs look fantastic and sleek. You will look beautiful and walk with confidence.

How to choose the right stockings for a particular outfit?

Stockings are a part of the wardrobe that cannot be worn under all outfits. Accordingly, stockings must be correctly selected for each outfit individually.

Black, dark blue and dark gray stockings are best suited for dark-colored dresses. Also, the stockings should match your shoes: if they are dark, then the stockings are also dark in color. The main thing is that the shoes should not be lighter than your stockings. If your shoes are dark and your dress is light (or vice versa), then, in any case, you need to choose light stockings that will be close in color to your skin color. At night for parties and holidays, shimmery stockings are perfect. If you prefer flesh-colored stockings, then they will match any of your outfits.

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A good solution for complex outfits would be beige or black fishnet stockings. To make your look brighter and more bold, you can use colored stockings or stockings with patterns. The main thing is to consider whether your age allows you to experiment this way and whether the event you are going to allows you to look like that. Fishnet stockings are a party accessory rather than an office accessory.

When putting on stockings under short dresses or skirts, be careful: when you move, you may see the edge of the lace elastic band out, which will look vulgar.

Stocking smell

Choosing stockings, you probably never thought about how they smell and what. Some models have a persistent unpleasant odor that does not go away even after rinsing. A pleasant and persistent aroma of stockings is one of the hallmarks of branded products, thus the manufacturer protects consumers from counterfeiting. This smell is difficult to fake with a counterfeiter. The pleasant aroma of the stockings can also indicate that the product has been subjected to antibacterial treatment. Buy quality stockings and they will never create any problems for your legs.

The presence of a seam and velcro on the stockings

Seamless stockings are a very good find for women, but expensive for customers. For everyday use, flat-seam stockings are fine. If they have a large seam, then this is a sign of cheapness and low quality products.

If you bought stockings with silicone Velcro, you should definitely pay attention to the amount of silicone on the strip and its width. The wider and tighter the stripes on the stockings, the better. If they have less than three stripes, then such stockings are not worth buying - they will constantly slide off you.

Consider the seam structure and transparency of the stockings before making your purchase. Make sure that in sandals and open shoes, your stockings look nice and the seam does not stick out of the shoes.

Wood effect on stockings

Not every woman knows about the effect of wood on stockings, although this is their main characteristic! Take a stocking and stretch it with your hands to make it more transparent. You should see the circles as in a cut through a tree. This effect is achieved using the three-layer yarn technology. With high quality stockings, the circles should be as pronounced as possible. So it will be easy for you to recognize a fake by expressionless circles or by their absence.

Wearing the wrong stockings can make your look look unstable, so choose carefully for the quality of your style. It all depends on the individual taste. There are different styles available in stockings for you to choose from for any occasion. You must decide for yourself which stockings you choose - transparent, dense, mesh, matte, shiny, with or without a pattern.

However, the dark color and vertical patterns on the stockings give the legs a slimmer appearance and lengthen them. If flesh color visually tends to remove the presence of stockings on your legs, then black, on the contrary, emphasizes their presence. Stockings with garters are in fashion, in which you will feel more confident. Do not buy small stockings: they can tear quickly. Use the size chart on the package.

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Colored stockings are very trendy these days, but don't go overboard with color. If you have thin legs that are really very skinny and you want them to look a little thicker to match your body size, wear lighter colors like brown, white and ivory.

Before putting on the stockings, apply lotion to your hands so that when you put on the stockings, you do not catch them on rough skin.

Always be elegant and attractive!

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