Best bags under $ 300. How to choose the best $ 300 handbag?

Best bags under $ 300. How to choose the best $ 300 handbag?

Every girl, woman, lady, regardless of age and status, wants to look her best: to be stylish and charming, attracting the glances of admiration and envy. Fashion assistants will help you choose the right outfit for any event, but what about the bags? How to fit all your business papers and laptop into one bag and look amazing? Or maybe you only need to bring your wallet and lipstick with you?

A woman's handbag is a separate kingdom, mysterious and incomprehensible to most men.

A handbag is a universe understandable only to the woman herself. There are legends about its spaciousness, and the design can say a lot about the presence or absence of taste in its mistress. But there are women who do not understand how important a bag plays in the image of a woman. They are ready to give all their money for the sake of the treasured accessory that will decorate their image.

But does it make sense if you can find the perfect option for your bag under $300?

Looking at the first ladies of the world, models, business women, you can easily see that they wear bags very similar in type: plain, discreet, made of high-quality material, and ... expensive. They can spend a fortune buying just a few bags from the new collection. In this article, we will show you how to choose the best bag under $ 300, and still create an image that is no worse than that of Princess Diana.

Best bags under $ 300

STAUD Women's Ollie Bag

This brand was originally created to remind of the interesting fashion of the 60s and 70s. The company began its formation with the production of clothing, but then they, like many other mono-brands, began to expand. The brand is mainly based in California, but has earned the trust of customers around the world - their products are recognized and trusted.

Bags from Staud are of the middle price segment, that is, up to $ 500, and the most popular at the moment is the bucket bag. It is very comfortable, practical and will suit almost any outfit: light dresses or loose tunics, outerwear, jackets and the like. You can choose your own unique outfit for this bag.

You can buy Staud products in a branded store (for example, in New York), as well as on online sites: Amazon, MatchesFashion, and other services that deliver goods around the world.

  • No bulky logos and huge accessories, only a laconic form
  • Most of the models are similar in structure, there is little variety

Marc Jacobs Rider Leather Crossbody Bag

Marc Jacobs is the pride of American fashion. Few collections are full of different colors, feminine silhouettes and amazing practicality. The brand produces clothes, watches, glasses, bags. You can choose your own image, or choose one of those already suggested by the designer.

Each bag by Marc Jacobs features bold colors, and every detail is a unique badge that distinguishes the brand. Most models have a short strap that can be worn at the waist. Magnetic pocket and company name keyring.

  • High quality leather
  • Comfortable to wear and match with many looks
  • The textile strap gets dirty and erased quickly

See by Chloe Women's Hana Mini Saddle Bag

This French brand, the son of luxury Chloe, is distinguished by simplicity and style in everything. Bags are most often plain, with a complex pattern and a traditional ring in the middle. Each bag from this company will look great on any of your outfits, emphasizing your figure and sense of style.

A leather strap, an original pattern on genuine leather and a branded print in the middle, an unsurpassed quality of material - all this makes See by Chloe one of the best quality brands of clothing and accessories in its price segment. In addition to small sizes, they also present large bags and backpacks - especially for those who carry a large amount of things to work.

  • Original fittings
  • Great combination possibilities
  • Poor quality than original Chloe


Bags of this company are more suitable for nature-experimenters, since the models presented by the brand are rather extravagant. Most of the bags are structured, but there are also soft fabric bags. Loeffler Randall handbags are not suitable for everyday wear, they will look more appropriate for evening or specially selected outfits.

The price for these bags is the same as for most in our selection - up to $ 300. There are cheaper and more expensive models. Take a closer look at this brand if you want to look sophisticated and stylish at any event.

  • Genuine leather products
  • Small and medium sizes only

Simon Miller Women's Vegan Puffin Bag

This brand has established itself in the production of clothing, later moving on to accessories. As you can see, they did it perfectly - unusual models literally tell everyone around you that you have good taste.

Simon Miller was especially successful in the bags of strict fittings: they are made of genuine leather and have a black color. These bags are more suitable for formal business suits, black dresses and similar work dress code. The price of this particular model is only $ 175 with free shipping from Amazon.

  • Practical shape and sturdy quality material
  • Quite extravagant models that are not suitable for everyone and not always
Each of the presented bags is just one example from large catalogs. Determine which one is better, only you can try it on to your wardrobe.

What kind of $ 300 bag can I carry?

This question is asked by many girls, who are confident that high-quality beautiful bags can only be from luxury brands with an appropriate price. Excellent companies offer a wide variety of bags for any outfit for every day, and our article will help you choose the right handbag for a brilliant look.

The best $ 300 bags won't look worse because of the bad weather, won't go out of style, and certainly won't rip after a short amount of time. Follow these simple tips when choosing a new thing, and your handbag will delight your eyes for a long time:

Choose a bag with matte leather

Patent leather, combined structure - this is all good and even beautiful, but nevertheless, for a confidently stylish look, it is better to choose the classics. In addition, lacquered bags do not tolerate hot and cold weather, so they will not live long.

Less bling, more minimalism

A lot of pockets, badges, inscriptions and straps greatly narrows the variety of things to which you can take such a handbag. Classic shapes such as the magnetic flap (like Marc Jacobs in our selection) allow you to combine them with any outfit.

Solid bright colors are always in fashion

Black or white bags often don't go well with bright summer outfits or evening dresses. It is better to choose the color of the bag based on the season: in winter, shades of blue, red or green will look great, in summer - more delicate, pink, beige, or those that prevail in your wardrobe. Gray-brown shades are suitable for any season. But do not forget about the fact that the color must be solid - otherwise the bag will look tasteless.

Opt for a crisp shape instead of a tote bag

Large bags-bags, although roomy, but they often look cheap and sloppy. Pay attention to those models that hold their shape firmly, even if there is nothing in them. They are well suited both for a sporty urban style and for strict office suits.

The bag must match your lifestyle and habits

If you are used to changing into sports sneakers every night after work and winding circles around the stadium, you should not take a small clutch with a chain on your shoulder. In this case, it is better to take a closer look at large bags of a dull color, in which both spare clothes and a bottle of water will be removed.

As you can see, luxury and near-luxury brands have a lot of quality bags that perfectly complement the look in any situation, and at the same time you do not have to spend a fortune on them. The average price segment in clothing suggests prices from $ 100 to $ 500, and can be suitable for any type of income.

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