What are the most popular Louis Vuitton bags?

What are the most popular Louis Vuitton bags?

In this article, you can read about the 10 most popular Louis Vuitton bags and understand, based on their description, which bag to choose for you.

Fashion is one of the most popular arts of the 21st century. Thousands of new brands appear every year, but not many of them become popular and successful. However, the Louis Vuitton brand over its long history has become not only popular and successful, but also cult, trend-setting, eternal. Many consider these clothes to be the ideal in the fashion world and strive to do something approximate. In the meantime, louis vuitton is creating many new models of clothes and accessories. One of the most popular and stately attributes of a girl is a bag. Even better if it's a bag from louis vuitton. What are the most popular Louis Vuitton bags?

1. Speedy: Travel and Audrey Hepburn

This bag has literally become the face of delirium, taking over the premium bag market in the world. Initially, manufacturers conceived of a lightweight travel bag, which appeared already in 1930, but in 1960, Audrey Hepburn, an actress, asked the manufacturer to think about reducing the size of the bag.

This was a great decision, the world saw a stylish beautiful version of the bag for the wife thanks to this.

The most popular model is the brown leather bag with the manufacturer's monogram, but there are other options, such as the brown checkerboard leather bag.

In 2011, the new model acquired a long strap for ease of use.

  • capacity
  • variety of models
  • new models have a belt
  • not too compact

2. Louis Vuitton Alma

This bag has a wide variety of options and many names. In 1934, when this bag came out in the first version, it had the name squire, after which it acquired the name chapms elysees and then the name we already know today. Interestingly, the origin of the model is associated with Coco Chanel, having made an order for the bag in the 25th year, and after agreeing to the release of the model by the brand.

The bag itself is relatively stiff and more molded than usual, this is its feature and convenience.

The bottom of the bag is made of durable leather with metal legs, and on top there are two small handles and the brand logo.

  • rigid shape and metal legs
  • small size - ideal for evening events
  • Cons: not roomy - not suitable for shopping
  • when you need to put a lot of things in your bag

3. Noé

One of the most unusual bags of this brand. Its mass production was due to a single order from a champagne manufacturer.

The bag looked like a bag and was as convenient as possible for carrying sparkling wine in it.

But it so happened that this tslao is an element of everyday images and inside they wear not only champagne. Louis Vuitton releases this bag in 5 different sizes.

  • roomy bag
  • durable
  • comfortable to wear
  • it's hard to keep order in such a bag

4. Neverfull

The name itself speaks of the capacity of this bag: Never full - never full. An interesting and popular model appeared not so long ago, unlike many others from this list, it appeared not in the 20th, but in the 21st century.

Many people liked the design of the bag, because it is not only stylish, elegant, but also practical - the bag is soft and roomy.

Moreover, lately people are very much appreciate practical clothes and accessories. Nowadays, there are several sizes of the bag in which it is produced. All models in brown leather with brand monogram.

  • the bag is never full
  • comes with a small clutch
  • does not lose shape
  • a price that does not get lower, but only vice versa

5. Pochette Accessoires

This bag is unusual in its size - it is so small that it looks more like a purse with a strap than a bag. But despite its small size, it is very comfortable for many girls. This handbag is perfect for going out to a cafe, a short shopping trip or just for a walk. Thanks to this, she became so popular with girls.

This bag also has several variants in which it is produced, but the classic model is leather with the LV monogram.
  • the bag does not take up space and has practically no weight
  • but everything you need will fit in it: documents, money, a soft handbag
  • too small for someone
  • the canvas can crack in the cold

6. Louis Vuitton Metis

A relatively recently appeared bag, in 2012, but during this time it has already managed to conquer the market (however, until 2015, such a success was not observed for the bag - it remained unnoticed among the rest). Recently, the most successful handbag of this brand.

The bag is comfortable, roomy and without unnecessary details.

Made in classic brown leather. Now many people stop buying a bag by pre-order. The cost is 1200 euros.

  • always relevant
  • high quality and durable
  • waiting when buying on the official website

7. Louis Vuitton SC bag

A bag created thanks to Sofia Kappola, the daughter of a famous director, who became a muse for Marc Jacobs. Made of black calfskin, velvet inside - it looks simple and elegant. The handbag is inspired by the design of the handbag that we had in the first place - the Speedy.

The bag is not as small as the last two previous models - it surpasses them in terms of capacity.
  • gracefulness
  • capacity
  • practicality
  • some may not be suitable for evening walks

8. Courtney

33 colors on canvas.

The obviously glam rock spiked bag could not have been inspired by anyone other than the beautiful epic star, Courtney Love.

She became Jacobs' muse in the creation of this bag. We can say that Mark created a bag with exactly the same character that we see in the singer.

  • defiant design
  • glamor
  • temperament
  • cleats may not be as comfortable in practice

9. Ursula

This bag, in turn, we owe to the sex symbol of the 60s Ursula Anderss - the first Bond girl.

The bag is spacious and unusual - just for those who want to grab the attention of others.
  • roominess
  • uncommonness
  • not suitable for modest girls

10. Eva

The peculiarity of the bag is in a simple, elegant form - thanks to this, it became a hit, and many people still love it. The bag turned into a clutch when a chain was attached to it.

Eva Herzigova - this famous model gave birth to this bag.
  • brevity
  • practicality
  • despite the small size
  • everything you need fits
  • price, not many things fit

In conclusion

In this article, you have read about the 10 most popular Louis Vuitton bags. Based on what you have read, you can conclude which Louis Vuitton bag can be worn: which one is more suitable for you in terms of convenience, character, size.

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