A Simple Guide On How To Organize Bags At Home (And Save Space In Your Wardrobe!)

To avoid damaging your items, it is important to know how to organize your bags. A convenient closet or organizer will help to easily answer the question of what can I wear for every woman.

In order to extend the life of your bags, it is very important to know how to organize their storage in your home. Correct placement of products will help save space in the closet and maintain a presentable appearance of accessories.

How to organize storage of men's and women's bags at home

A bag is an important component of the image of a modern person. It is a bag, everyday, festive or travel, that sometimes becomes a bright accent of the image, an eye-catching detail.

Currently, a lot of products are admitted, among which you can easily pick up a bag for any outfit. Over time, the house fills up with clutches, backpacks, business bags and shoppers. The issue of organizing the storage of this collection is maturing by itself.

Why is it so important to follow the rules for storing bags

Nowadays, the uniqueness and quality of the image that you show to others is appreciated. Every detail of the wardrobe speaks about your philosophy of life, attitude towards yourself and the world. The bag is one of those elements that attracts maximum attention. It should be neat, keep its original color and shape.

If you stack bags on top of each other, store them incorrectly and in the wrong conditions, you can face such negative consequences as:

Every day, standing in front of the mirror, a woman asks herself the question: What can I wear from what is and look luxurious? Answering it, it is much easier to choose handbags from a properly organized closet or rack.

Many modern bags have voluminous decor in the form of appliqués, embroidery with beads or ribbons, fringes, textured fabrics and other fragile elements. Such models should not be compressed or rubbed against other things. One rash decision is enough to damage them. This is why it is so important to keep your bags in a well-organized space.

If you've purchased an expensive iconic model or vintage piece, organizing your bags correctly will ensure that they won't lose value over time due to damage. In addition, these bags can be very expensive to restore. It is much cheaper to organize the space to store them properly.

Top tips for organizing and storing bags

You can choose from many options for how to organize your bags in your apartment or house:

  1. Separate wardrobe. An ideal solution for those who can afford a dressing room. Choose a cabinet with high shelves for your bags. Furniture with drawers will not work, as the bags in the drawers can become deformed. If there is no wardrobe, a narrow pencil case can be placed in the hallway. To protect your bags from dust, wear special covers or choose cabinets with glass doors. Glass reliably protects bags from dust and allows you to see the contents of the shelves.
  2. A special hanger-organizer in a common wardrobe for outerwear. There are several types: with volumetric pockets, hooks.
  3. Storage boxes. They can be conveniently placed on the bottom of a wardrobe, under a work desk, or on the floor of a wardrobe.
  4. Tension straps with hooks, carabiners or brackets can be placed on doors or special panels. These hangers are best for storing bags that you can easily dust off.
  5. Protruding long hangers-pins that can be built into the wall of the wardrobe. It is convenient to hang bags on them, however, care should be taken that the handles do not fray and that no creases appear on them.
  6. Open shelves with shelves.
  7. Single hangers with large carabiner rings. Great for storing the bags you use every day.
  8. Narrow hanging textile shelves with a hook at the top.

Original ideas: a bag as a decor in a modern home

Some of the bags are true masterpieces. Possession of others speaks of status. Sometimes collecting bags becomes a real hobby. If you have a little space and are not afraid of bold decisions, you will love the following ideas on how to organize your bags:

  • placing bags on vertical tapes with hooks in two rows along the height of the front door to a wardrobe or living room;
  • a special wooden panel installed along the wall and equipped with strong hooks;
  • elegant fittings for hanging bags on a bright colored wall (3 x 4 or 4 x 4 square).

If you plan to use bags as an element of the decor of the room, select them according to the size, color and style. Do not forget to regularly clean them from dust, keep away from direct sunlight and high humidity.

How to save space in your closet and place all your bags

If you have limited storage space for your belongings, these rational ideas will help you:

  • a special vertical hanger with pockets for products or hooks, which allows you to store several bags inside the closet, for example, next to outerwear;
  • hooks on the inner surface of the cabinet swing door;
  • special storage boxes made of fabric on a frame or durable cardboard, which you can place at the bottom of the cabinet.

If your bag has wide, tight handles, avoid hangers with hooks that can deform them. Hooks are best used to store bags with thin straps or thin chains. Bulky chains can be scratched, and soft textile handles can be torn or tightened.

To summarize: what is important to remember when organizing storage of bags

Competent organization and proper storage of bags is the key to their durability and presentable appearance. It doesn't matter if you buy an accessory for several years or just for one season. If you ignore the rules for organizing bags, after a week they may look untidy, creases and scratches will inevitably appear.

The ideal solution is insulated packaging that reliably protects the product from dust, moisture and light. The best placement for packed bags is a separate cabinet with high shelves that allow you to easily accommodate models with high, tight handles.

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