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Sport Product Portable Pilates Yoga Resistance Band

HOME GYM SYSTEM: Get all the workouts of traditional home gym machines, but without the bulk. Save you time and money going to a gym and enables you to workout anywhere, anytime! FULL BODY WORKOUT SET: Build Muscle,lose weight and tone your arms, abs, legs and glutes while also getting cardio in. It incorporates movements you're used to - like squats, bench press, curls and rowing - with heavy duty resistance cords for added benefits. SUITABLE FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL: Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these resistance bands are for you. The adjustable resistances bands means you can choose the intensity of your resistance-band workouts to suit your personal goals. Item #:404290 Package :1 piece Item Weight :140 gram

Sport Product Resistance Trainer with Suspension Straps

Material: High-strength polyester + high-strength alloy hook Main Belt Length: 1.26m Door Buckle 35cm Webbing Width 3.5cm Item #:467205 Package :1 piece Item Weight :590 gram

Yoga Resistance Rubber Bands Pilates Sport Training Workout Elastic Bands

Length: Size S: 65cm Size M: 75cm Size L: 85cm Item #:467206 Package :1 piece Item Weight :145 gram

Pelvic Floor Muscle Pelvis Correction Hip Trainer

It is used to improve bladder control, pelvic floor strength, help reduce pelvis, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, fully activate hip muscles and walk the buttocks. . Female pelvic floor muscle shaping: Treats weakened pelvic muscles, ease incontinence and enhance intimacy. Helps women to have confidence and beauty, thus improving the couple's life, body anti-aging. Postpartum rehabilitation training: no need to eat, no injection, no medicine, shaping the hip line, let you have a charming body. Four characteristics of firming skin: Help reduce pelvis, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, fully activate hip muscles, and exercise your hips while walking. With the help of the Tight Beautiful Hip Trainer, your pelvic floor muscles can be easily strengthened while activating your thigh adductor and gluteus maximus muscles. Not only will it exercise your hip, but also benefit your waist and leg muscles. Especially for the stimulation of women's aging muscle. Use our hip fitness device to effectively exercise muscles, make the pelvis and the hip muscles participate in the exercise, and it is easier to achieve the beautiful buttock effect and keep the pelvis healthy. Pelvic floor muscle and pelvic correction training: 1MIN beautiful buttocks, 7 days to tighten the pelvic floor muscles, 4 weeks to change sedentary posture. . Item #:467293 Package :1 piece Item Weight :250 gram

5Pcs Fitness Resistance Stretch Band

This elastic stretch strap features great elasticity,you can use it to soothe and exercise your body muscle You can use it while doing yoga,or use it to warm up your body before fitness We provide 5 different elastic band for you to use,each one have different pull value The band is designed with different color,you can use the color to distinguish the different pull value It is made of strong and healthy latex,you can use it for a long time,not easy to break or be worn out Item #:467311 Package :5 pieces Item Weight :135 gram

Sport Product Sports Fitness Yoga Stretch Belly Band

Body material: neoprene Size M: 100CM Size L: 110CM Size XL:120CM Item #:467457 Package :1 piece Item Weight :330 gram

Stainless Steel Wrist Muscle Develope Finger Exercise Hand Grip Hand Grip

Ergonomically aluminium handles with knurled coating for a non-slip grip. Used for hand strength, stamina, rehab and injury prevention,Perfect to increase massive forearm muscles, hand endurance and dexterity,Provides resistance to help develop muscles in hands, arms, wrists, forearms, and fingers for increased strength. A time-tested method for developing your hand grip for improved function and endurance in sports and weight lifting Great for improving daily function, such as opening and closing jars, or rehabilitation after an injury. BREAKTHROUGH YOUR PHYSICAL LIMITS – As most athletes know, if you want to improve your overall fitness you MUST train your weakest link. But there’s a difference between knowing this and DOING IT. If you’re looking to take your power lifting or other feats of strength to the next level then this is how you succeed… you TRAIN YOUR GRIP. DESIGNED TO INCREASE YOUR GRIP STRENGTH – There’s nothing in a typical gym that compares to these hand grippers. Just think about it. Nearly every piece of equipment you touch wasn’t SOLELY created to target and isolate your forearms, fingers, and wrists. Meaning there’s no chance they’ll be as effective as these grip strengtheners. ON-THE-GO HAND EXERCISES – Unlike most training, you can do these exercises just about anywhere. You can use these while you’re at the office or even in the car if you travel for work. They’re basically a discrete training tool that transforms your job and downtime into productive workout sessions. CREATE HANDS OF STEEL – Just like in life, you’re going to have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. We mention this because our grip handles weren’t built for dainty little hands. They were built to toughen you up and that’s how finger exercises should be. Trust us, your hands will get used to it and, afterwards, you’ll be grateful for it. THE PERFECT PROGRESSION – No matter where you’re starting, and how strong you want to get, there’s always room to grow. Item #:467542 Package :1 piece Item Weight :70 gram

Sport Product Sports Fitness Training Resistance Belt Band

Size: 17*25*3cm Item #:467973 Package :1 piece Item Weight :240 gram

Pilates Ring For Exercises Yoga Ring

Ring size: 40*3.5cm The Pilates ring is ideal for floor and Pilates exercises, can be used to burn belly fat and tone upper arms, inner outer thighs, Abs pelvic muscles - enhances mobility, agility stamina High tensile strength, tens of thousands of times by tensile testing, safe, durable. Lightweight Pilates and exercise ring with medium resistance Foam padded ring for extra comfort [Strong compression resistance] High elasticity, durable and not deformed after thousands of compression tests. [Slip-resistant, wear-resistant, comfortable feel] Double-sided groove design, non-slip handle, comfortable arc. [High-strength glass fiber] Excellent resistance to extrusion, light weight without deformation. [NBR non-slip protective cover] Thickened foam cotton to cushion exercise energy. Item #:468024 Package :1 piece Item Weight :325 gram

Sport Product Fitness Yoga Breathable Antiperspirant Headband

1. Product Name: yoga sports hair band sweat-absorbent breathable fitness sweatband 2. Material: polyester fiber 3. Features: soft and comfortable, high fabric density, elastic and durable, sweat-absorbent, breathable, bodybuilding and hidroschesis. yoga sports hair band sweat-absorbent breathable fitness sweatband Item #:468066 Package :1 piece Item Weight :35 gram

Sport Product Exercise Training Elastic Hip Circle Glute Resistance Band

Sport Product Exercise Training Elastic Hip Circle Glute Resistance Band Item #:468176 Package :1 piece Item Weight :100 gram

Sport Product PVC Inflatable Decompression Fitness Tumbler Boxing Post

Safety and Durability: Robust PVC material ensures safety and durability. In addition, soft rubber is stuffed into the boxing ring and is sealed. High-quality PVC: The inflatable boxing column is made of high-quality PVC material. Great for everyone to exercise and play. Ideal for Fitness: Inflatable sandbags are ideal for fitness and stress. Improve coordination and flexibility, burn calories and reduce stress while increasing flexibility and hand-eye coordination. Each time you hit the ball, it is also an ideal choice for Taekwondo training. Can be used for adults and children. Practical and Safe: The training column can be folded and stored. It is practical, safe, and ideal for children's boxing instructors because there is no risk of injury, allowing you to burn calories and release stress. It is definitely the perfect gift. Scenario: The heavy-duty bag design without suspension allows you to exercise in the most convenient place-perfect for your home or business gym. Item #:468190 Package :1 piece Item Weight :668 gram

Sport Product Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee Pads

Better Crawling: These baby knee pads can protect your baby's knees from bruises and scrapes when they are crawling and learning to walk.and Suitable for any Season. Adjustable: Adjustable kneepad so can fit the baby leg perfectly. The knee pads are easy to wash, to keep baby knee pads soft and quality, we recommend that you wash them by hand. Design: The kneepadof design high elastic sponge, very breathable, absorb sweat, deodorization durable and soft to wear.Protect the baby's knees from bruises and scrapes when they are curiously crawling and learning to walk. Cute Set of 3 Color: Pink, Blue, Gray,Comfortable and lovely color, your children will like it very much. Perfect gift for your friends who have baby. Size: The knee pads are unisex and fits most babies, Usual for 6-36 Month Baby. Item #:468386 Package :1 piece Item Weight :40 gram

Baby Knee Pads Adjustable Breathable Mesh Anti-Slip Knee Pads

DURABILITY - The pads come with a soft cushion to both protect and support your baby’s knee area. It is made of premium high-quality materials meant to endure as much crawling time your little one would want, or that you would allow. It is breathable, which means it allows ventilation around the knees to eliminate discomfort. They are also machine-washable, and dryer-safe for easy cleaning. COMFORTABLE - Keeping your baby happy and comfortable is the most important to us, Which is why we have used the design of the 3D mesh to make our knee pads as soft and breathable as possible, Meaning even in hot weather, your baby can enjoy themselves doing what babies do! PROTECTIVE - We have designed our kneepads to be padded enough to counteract the impact of hardwood floors against their little bones as well as any other surfaces your child might crawl on. Your baby can continue using them as they learn to walk, No more cuts, scrapes or bruises! ADJUSTABLE - Our knees protector are designed with both kids and parents in mind. They have straps on the back to make sure they fit your baby, No matter skinny legs or chubby legs . It also ensures that the knee pads will stay in place as your baby is crawling and moving around, So you won't need to keep pulling them up. GREAT Idea for Baby Shower Gift - It come with cute elephant and bee pattern with bright color, suit for baby 0- 3 years baby, Perfect as baby shower gift. Item #:468391 Package :1 piece Item Weight :150 gram

Elastic Rubber Tennis Ball Single Practice Training Belt Line String Tool

Tennis Trainer Ball With Rope: It can have the same effect with the original one. It is used for tennis training. Portable and Replaceable】It takes up small space, and can be used on outdoor or indoor, easy to carry. HIGH ELASTIC: This tennis ball is made of high quality elastic material, possess great rebound characteristic, ideal for training LONG ROPE: This ball is equipped with a elastic rope, durable to use and good elastic EASY TO USE: This tennis trainer is convenient for training without picking ball, and it is lightweight and portable, helpful for single person practice. It could also improve your concentration, athletic ability and hand and eye coordination, and develop interests of sports FOR BOXING: Not only used as a tennis training ball, but also can be used as a boxing ball. It is a good replacement for boxing training ball. Item #:468409 Package :1 piece Item Weight :60 gram

Household Multi-Function Sit-Up Aids Sports Fitness Equipment

Features: 1. Lightweight and stylish, it is more convenient to break space constraints. 2. One-click use, storage, simple operation, even small girls can easily operate. 3. Simple and convenient installation, multiple installation environments. 4. Material upgrade, extended handle. 5. Thicken and increase the rubber suction cup, the area of the force is larger, so that the suction is stronger and the use is more stable. 6. High-density soft and comfortable foam can cushion the feet well during exercise, not easy to pain. 7. Lightweight folding does not take up space, small and exquisite design, can be easily packed into the bag after folding. Specification: Product Name: Mini supine assist Fixing method: Natural rubber suction cup Product material: iron + PP + high elastic high density cotton sleeve Single weight: 0.48kg Size: chassis 120 * 148mm Product features: compact and portable, convenient storage, carry it at any time to practice Item #:468496 Package :1 piece Item Weight :480 gram

Sport Product Chest Fitness Strength Trainer

Application range: Easy to carry, strong and durable, strong wear-resistant, safe and reliable, easy to be taken to office, Gym, camping or traveling, doing exercise anywhere, any time. Remark: Color random delivery Item #:469025 Package :1 piece Item Weight :104 gram

Sport Product Lumbar Back Massage Stretching Traction Device

Just relaxed lying on the product for 5-15 minutes a day. Multi-level adjustment arch for greater reach. Increase range of motion and flexibilty, relieve back pain. Using natural traction therapy, according to the principles of the spine. Brand new and high quality, more durable. Item #:469123 Package :1 piece Item Weight :560 gram

Sport Product Chest Shoulders Arms Upper Back Fitness Yoga Strength Trainer

Application range: Easy to carry, strong and durable, strong wear-resistant, safe and reliable, easy to be taken to office, Gym, camping or traveling, doing exercise anywhere, any time. Remark: Color random delivery Item #:469175 Package :1 piece Item Weight :40 gram

Sport Product Yoga Fitness Sports Massaging Ball

Size: 6.1*6.1cm Item #:469293 Package :1 piece Item Weight :125 gram

Yoga Fitness Sports Leg Stretcher Band

Length: 350cm Width:3.8cm Item #:469294 Package :1 piece Item Weight :500 gram

3 Pcs Leg Ankle Strap Resistance Band Set

Band Length: 75cm Item #:469298 Package :3 pieces Item Weight :205 gram

Sport Product Practical Yoga Pilates Auxiliary Stretching Strap

Size: 183*3.8*0.2CM It is suitable for yoga, fitness, dance and exercise , train hands support, pull, correct standing posture. Help beginners complete basic exercises, help experienced practitioners practice more advanced yoga postures. We highly recommend everyone should do stretching every day. The yoga strap is a very useful tool for Yoga, Pilates, daily stretching, or physical therapy. It is the best tool for stretching. Can effectively help you relax your stiff and tight muscles. The yoga strap is a simple, non-elastic band that provides extra stability and flexibility to stretching, yoga, therapy, workout, and more. Item #:469360 Package :1 piece Item Weight :85 gram

Children's Badminton Beach Tennis Racket Set

Packet: 2*Rackets, 1*Badminton ball, 1*Tennis ball. BADMINTON SET: The innovative racquet game that requires no net. The badminton set consists of 2 giant sized colourful racquets with short handle that are perfect for kids. FOR KIDS BEGINNERS: This badminton set has a large mesh-stringed hitting area with short handles, which makes it light in weight and faster in action. It is perfect for parent-child games and badminton beginners. FUN SET: The set is great for playing indoors and outdoors! It develops kids’ reaction, hand-eye coordination in beginners and enhances your physical health. It is perfect over short distances, as well as for the beach, park or backyard. AMAZING TOYS GIFTS: The badminton set is a fantastic toy for kids. Your little ones will love playing with this beautiful pair of racquets both indoors as well as outdoors. It can also be gifted as a birthday, Christmas gift for boys and girls. Item #:469462 Package :1 piece Item Weight :50 gram

Portable Self-Suction Sit-up Bar Abdominal Core Trainer

【Multi-Functional】: Sit up bar can help you exercise 7 kinds of parts, suitable bird movements, high lift lower limbs, bridge hips, support lateral extensions, push-ups, sit-ups, lean over, flat support. Exercise your arms, shoulders, back, legs, abdomen, waist or other muscles of the body, a variety of training methods for small equipment waiting for your development 【Highly adjustable】: Suction sit-up bar can adjusts to four different height for any foot size, helping to hold your feet in place during exercise. Withstands up to 198 pounds, help people of all ages who want healthy body Develop a rock- core 【Ergonomic】: A thickened 4.7-inch rubber suction cup provides a safe and stable support for your training, fix the bar firmly in your fitness location; soft high-density foam handles to effectively cushion the ankles and prevent you from damaging muscles and joints during fitness training 【Easy Assembly Reusable】: Assembly is easy and quick, simply take a few minutes and start your ab workout. Can be reused on smooth floors--tiles floor concrete, cured or any other smooth floors. Wipe the floor with a damp cloth before use, remove dust, and place the suction cup on a smooth surface, make sure there are no gaps at the bottom. Item #:470322 Package :1 piece Item Weight :710 gram

Portable Tennis Training Tool

Size: 7*7CM Item #:470956 Package :1 piece Item Weight :70 gram

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