Using Special Toys At The Office

It's another day of dark passion...

It's another day of dark passion she wants her lover who is at the office of her job. She waits for him and he gave her a gift. An anal plug. You see Miranda loves to play with her toys and collect them. She loves trying out new ones. No matter how big, or how small she is ready for each and every last one of them.

There is one toy she has yet to conquer

There is one toy she has yet to conquer, is the anal plug. She already knows how amazing it is to insert something inside her wet pussy, but she always wondered what it would feel like in the 2nd hole, her ass. She knows curiosity kills the cat but Miranda is willing to take that risk. She sits on her bed and looks at the time. It's time to get ready for work

... down to try anything...

She is hot and horny and down to try anything at this point and she reaches up in her dresser and the magical foreign object is inside. She recalls that when she is ready to use this plug, her lover's instruction was to wear this throughout the day so her hole can be open and ready. Easy access.

So Miranda dresses getting onto her bed and lying a position in front of a mirror facing her rosy pink ass cheeks, she takes that  anal plug ‌  and begins to insert it into her ass. She opens up, it feels good as she leans her head back and lets out a moan. She then rises, and you can tell she enjoys this very much so. She puts on a black skirt and a white kind of see-thru blouse. You can clearly see her tits through it. Miranda knows what she's doing.

But Mirana is far from innocent

She puts her touseled up brunette hair into a messy bun and heads of to work. Her arousal center is off the charts, and she works on the clock like the good girl she is. But Miranda is far from innocent. When her break comes, she barges into her boss's office, and he immediately locks the door to his office and shuts the blinds and bends over Miranda, grabbing the back of her neck forcing her face down to the desk.

She licks her lips and she's ready for it, and the boss lifts up her skirt and notices the anal plug, He proceeds to pull at it then push it back in teasing her and she moans out. He enjoys pleasing his good little employer.

... not wanting the entire office to hear

He whispers in her ear telling her she will get a promotion after this, he then undoes his pants, and let his large dick flop out, and inserts it into her pussy from behind while the butt plug is still inside of her.

He fucks her good pussy over and over as her ass cheeks are slapping back against him. She lets out moans but refrains trying to hold them back, not wanting the entire office to hear. He fucks her til she creams like creamy milk on his cock.

He lets out a groan and pulls out and nuts all over her back and ass.
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