Using Fingers Was Her Main Tool

Using fingers was her main tool...

Sometimes humping a pillow isn't enough. She needs something more firmer and harder. At first, using fingers was her main tool, but now she is ready for the next level. That is what she thought whenever she saw Mr. Daniels. He was her therapist she would see once a week. She originally started off seeing him in order to get over her divorce. She, telling him all her darkest secrets, inviting him in. And he wasn't innocent, she caught him jacking off in his office after she would leave but she really wouldn't leave, she would peek around the corner and see him pumping.

With her thoughts racing wildly in her mind, after just getting finished with a session with Mr. Daniels, she quickly walked to her car and moved her vehicle to a more secluded area. She wasn't worried that anyone will see her being that her windows are tinted and even if someone was to see her, she would hope it would be, of course, Mr. Daniels.

He definitely looked like fuck material

Mr. Daniels was tall, strong built, dark, and handsome, you would think instead of a therapist, he is a doctor or some athlete. He definitely looked like fuck material.

She hooked up her phone to the car to play sexy love songs of her choice to drown out her seductive moans and she then crawled her petite but curvy frame into the backseat. Her nipples were poking clean through her dress. She raised up her skirt and grabbing  the dildo ‌  out of her purse, with her legs wide open, she started to rub the tip against her clit.

Slowly move the dildo against her clit

Her eyes immediately closed as a passionate sound escaped her lips. Oh, how she longed for Mr. Daniels to someday bend her over and give it to her in his office. She proceeded to dig deep slipping in further and slowly move  the dildo ‌  against her clit up and down, then in circles. Her wetness embraced  the dildo ‌  and her sounds emitted from her mouth louder and louder.

Mr. Daniels walking into the parking lot, as she was his last patient for the day, heard those sounds. He came closer to make sure if he was hearing correctly and indeed he was, he saw her silhouette playing with her pussy using  the dildo ‌  and he knocked on her car window. Startled but not afraid, with no words she opened the car door and Mr. Daniels fell on her in the backseat tonguing her down, and explores his hands across her legs and sinks them into her pink moist pussy. He whispers on her lips, I saw the way you been looking at me She lets him do what he wants and with a loud moan that fills the car, his rock hard cock is now entering her warm wet cave. She gasps and grips him almost biting his shoulder as he rocks and thrusts against her. to days' end. She licks and sucks against his ear.

She happily swallows with pride

Periodically, she cries, and creams on his veiny cock, and he, letting out a pleasing groan, pulls out and shoots warm ropes of cum into her mouth and some of it even getting on her car seat, as she happily swallows with pride.

Guess Mr. Daniels has secrets too...

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