Love Has No Boundaries

Falling in love is never an easy thing to do. To find the right one, that person must meet specific qualifications, like washing dishes with no complaints, or cooking a flawless dinner. Falling for the right one can also be scary. You never know if that person may actually love you back, or using you until you're bled dry. I, for one, tried falling in love. To be honest, it didn't work too well for me.

It was May 18, 1932, my old man came home from working in the cotton fields that evening at Mr. Grayson's mansion. Mr. Grayson is an honorable man, give or take. I know he works my daddy down to the bone, and there's not much I can really do except tend to my brothers and baby sister, stay on top of schooling, and make sure momma is well. Momma fell ill last year, caught the flu from babysitting Aunt Ester's kid. Ever since then we've worked around the clock to care to her as well as run the household the way she would.

I made dinner tonight Momma, I told her gently while washing her feet. Momma couldn't move or speak much. The flu messed up her ability to fully function without assistance, so daddy and I make sure we help her do some of the basics around the house until she gets well again. I made your favorite foods that you would cook when someone comes home with good grades or a p'motion. There's some smothered potatoes with black eyed peas, rabbit that Little Jessie shot the other mornin', cornbread and collard greens with the Cajun liquor kick you love so much. I know you can hardly move, but every night we pray to God, asking Him to heal you so you can hoop and holler again like you used to. I love you so much Momma.

Momma carefully caressed my cheek and smiled weakly. She then turned her head slightly and rested her eyes. I continued to wash her feet until the smell went away, and her toes were soft. Some of the boys think I'm weird for having an interest with feet, but they can just go kick rocks.

After caring for momma, I went to the kitchen and prepared everyone's plate. Daddy never stay too long, so I make his plate to go. Little Jessie, Bill, Roman, and Megan all sat around the table, giggling like little piglets, waiting to eat. Hey Bo, guess what! shouted Little Jessie. I looked over and did a slight head nod while examining the table for any stay kids that he invited. Man, that boy can get into some careless crap now these days. My friend Jessica and I found something cool behind the school house today! Some rich spazz called this  lubricant gel ‌  and-- WATCH YER TONE BOY! WE'RE EATING HERE, SO NO NEED FOR THAT NONSENSE ADULT TALK! I shouted.

The whole table grew quiet. I didn't mean to yell at him, but he had no business interacting with those kind of people. I cleared my throat and gave everyone their plates. Megan grew soft-eyed with me as she ate her food. She knows my heart is still broken over a girl I met from the other side. You know brother, I know we don't belong in this community, but we shouldn't be so uptight all the time. I mean look at you, Raven had no reason to leave you on such little notice and with no explanation. However, that ain't right takin' it out o' us. said Little Jessie. I didn't pay any attention to him. What does he know anyway? I got up from the table and excused myself, I'm getting too old for this crap anyway.

The air whispered my name as my heals pounded the red earth for several miles. Tears streamed down my face as I envisioned my old flame. You see, Raven is Mr. Grayson's daughter. She turned 18 years last year, shortly after I turned 23. She was the complete package for me. From the strands of her hair, down to the crimson red nail polish, she was perfect. The only drawback we had was she was white and I was black. Mr. Grayson is also part of the Klu Klux Klan, so any false move on either end and he'll have our behinds. At the same time that didn't stop us from making sweet love to each other.

I remember the way she would grip my rod tightly in her left hand, stroking me while sucking the tip. Her warm mouth felt like pure heaven. I would always bust a nut down her throat, making her swallow my seed any chance I get, before slabbing on some  lubricant gel ‌  and pound her anus like no tomorrow. I would slather a large coat on my seven inch rod so that way it'll be easier to take. Finally, the action would begin, and we wouldn't finish until either her or the rooster crows. Man I miss my Raven. She left without saying goodbye.

Reaching a stopping point in the middle of nowhere, I turn back around and start my journey home. Suddenly, I hear a soft light cry just over yonder, behind the bushes and trees. Hello? I called out. The crying stopped, and a woman in a pearly white gown came forth. It was Raven! My eyes grew wide, and my jaw dropped completely open. Raven! What happened to you? Why you out here at night? Does ya daddy know about us? I interrogated her. No Bo, daddy doesn't know. I ran away from home. Daddy isn't too happy with his new wife. He's starting to take his anger out on us, and I couldn't take it anymore. I'm so sorry for leaving without saying goodbye. Raven said.

Raven rushed over to me. She wrapped my arms around ,my strong neck, kissing me gently on my sweet spot. I had to embrace Raven with my strong arms, feeling her medium-sized breasts rubbing against my rock hard pecs. Bo, I had to leave because Daddy started snooping around. I didn't want your daddy to lose his job, so I... I had to do some unforgivable things. she said.

It's okay Rae. What matters is that we're here now, together again. It may not last forever, but I will forever cherish this moment with you. Both of us kissed under the moonlight as the stars aligned and shined bright on our love. I knew my time with Raven was limited. I couldn't bare to let her go again. Raven guided her hands over my half developed abs and biceps. She missed my body just as much as I missed hers. Bo, do you think that time will change? Do you think that we can get married and have children together?

I grinned at Raven and laughed. Raven face flushed light rosy red and thumped me on the tip of my rod with her finger tips. I continued to laugh, stroking her dirty red hair. Of course. The sands of time can never stop our love. Have faith and believe that this will pass, and our people will be free. Raven smiled and held me closer than ever. Soon the sun rose from its slumber, and we gave our final kiss goodbye before we part ways. That was the last time I ever fell in love with a fallen angel.

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