Other Side Of The Wall

She walks in and immediately gets undressed...

Angela booked at a hotel,  in New York ‌  City. New York is her dream state as she wants to pursue her wildest dreams. She walks in and immediately gets undressed and throws her purse on the bed and falls on her back on the bed and breathes slowly. It's been a long day, she reaches for her cellphone out of the front pocket of her purse and checks it. Low Battery. Typical. She slides off her heels and she is now in her undergarments and she lets her hair down from a tight ponytail she has been wearing all day.

She looks for an outlet to plug up her phone and notices a hole in the wall. It's big enough that a person with an average size fist can stick through. Angela, thinking its strange, and is uncomfortable about the hole being there, reaches for the phone about to call room service until she heard a voice.

No. It can't be!

I wouldn't do that if I were you. The voice was deep, sensual. A male voice. It had a certain kindness to it. She slowly sets the phone back into the receiver and speaks. Hello? Nothing. It sounded like that voice was coming from the hole. Could it be? A glory hole? No. It can't be. Angela got on her knees and saw a very striking, handsome male in the other room and he was holding his hard cock in his hands jacking off a little. She instantly became aroused.

Angela looked away from the hole embarrassed turning a blushy pink color in the face. But she was curious. So she went back in front of the hole. This mysterious sexy man walked towards the hole and inserted his large dick through the hole right into her mouth.

She could hear his low groans

She sucked to her heart's contempt. She could hear his low groans through the wall, as so he could hear her eagerly sucking, he wishes he could grab a handful of her hair right now. Yet, the wall stands in the way between them. She sucks harder and faster, swirling her tongue around the tip of his cock and letting it go in deeper into her mouth until her face is almost connected with the wall.

She could tell the mysterious man was quivering on the other side and the faster she goes, the more weak gets. Angela, your dick sucking lips can go a long way...He said. and Oh. now the finale, This mysterious man groans are getting a tad bit louder, and he is about to cum. She is hungry for his cum. She is eager for it and she bobs her heard enticingly, and starts to whisper in between sucks.

... This was the best glory hole

Cum for me... She has her hands on the wall sliding them up and down as if it was his chest. He rises with intense energy and finally shoots all of his glory into her mouth. This was the best  glory hole ‌  he encountered. She swallows with pride and next chapter of this  glory hole ‌  will be the mysterious man teasing her pussy lips from the other side of the wall.

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