The Promotion

She was wearing her secret weapon

When Amy stepped into Michael’s office, she had an undeniable air of confidence. Her “professional” outfit was tight and revealing, just as she planned, and she was wearing her secret weapon; her  black high heels ‌  that gave her that confidence and power over men.

When she sat down in the chair in front of his desk and crossed one leg over the other, she caught him sneaking glances at her low-cut top, her lips, her thighs. He wanted her, she could tell. She wanted something from him. And she wasn’t afraid to take it.

As Michael began his spiel about budget cuts and how the company wouldn’t be able to give her that promotion, she uncrossed her legs and leaned back in her chair. With one swift movement, her legs, and those black high heels, were spread out on his desk. She pulled up her skirt to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties under her hose.

Michael's jaw dropped

Michael’s jaw dropped, and his narrow eyes trailed up her legs, to the sweet junction between her thighs. He gulped, his adam’s apple bobbing up and down, his squared, chiseled jaw-line tense.

“I think we can find out a way to get that promotion,” she said as her fingers drifted to her sex, and she began caressing it over the fabric of her pantyhose.

Michael stammered, I-I…

Don’t talk, Amy moaned, take me now.

Michael stood to his feet and flew to her side, his slacks now stiff from his engorged manhood. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into an urgent, aggressive kiss. He was far from gentle as his fingers traced down her throat to her chest, down to her hand, which was still moving vigorously against her clit.

He pushed her fingers

He pushed her fingers out of the way and used his hands to rip the pantyhose open. He fell to his knees and dove his face between her thighs, relishing in the sweet aroma of her sex. Roughly, but precisely, he slid his tongue over her wetness, tasting her.

His mouth pressed against her throbbing womanhood, causing the sweetest sensations to ripple through her body, but when she was at the edge of climax, he pulled away.

“Bend over, now,” he commanded.

Amy complied

Amy complied by bending over his desk, propping up one leg, and raising her ample rump in the air. Michael’s hungry eyes roamed over the curves of her body as he pulled out his manhood, which was throbbing and flushed with anticipation. He pressed the head of his member against her soaking entrance and slid his impressive inside of her tightness.

Amy’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as her sex stretched around his massive girth.

“That’s right, good girl,” he growled, take it all.

Michael wasted no time in taking her. His hands cupped her breasts through her low cut top as his hips crashed into her bum, relentlessly pounding her into the desk. She gripped onto the wood as she felt something building deep inside of her, and she began to match his strokes, making him go deeper and harder.

She was just about to reach her climax

She was just about to reach her climax when Michael commanded her to cum. The sound of his voice sent her over the edge, pushing her into a pit of pleasure and ecstasy, and as she reached her fulfillment, so did Michael.

When he pulled away from their embrace and returned his manhood to his slacks, he flashed Amy a cheeky grin, “you definitely got the promotion.”

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