High Heel Shoes

I'm a different kind of woman

I'm a different kind of woman when I strut into the office and you hear the click-clack, click-clack of my  high heels shoes ‌  that give me confidence. My entrance is an automatic head-turn and you, him, or she can't resist me. I am profound and my curves are accentuated. The power is in my step. Red bottom heels, and red lipstick, That's a win-win. I have traveled wide and afar, claiming victims and now tonight is the night where I get an even more powerful victim. The CEO.

You see all these people in power think they're immune. All I need is one night and one night only. I sway my hips slowly from side to side and I barge into his office unannounced and close the door behind me.

Amber, what are you doing?

Amber? What are you doing? I sent you home for the evening. I interrupt the CEO by putting a heel into his chest and I lift up m dress and that's all she wrote.

He looked confused but at the same time he couldn't resist my red bottom high heels and looked down my leg and back up at my red parted lips. He said nothing. Just gazed. I locked my eyes on him and started to dig the heel into his chest a bit more, and he winced from a little pain and licked his bottom lips.

I gave him a command. Jack off for me.

Excuse me?

Excuse me?

I dug the heel in some more. You heard me, I said jack off for me.

He began to quickly begin unbuckling his pants and whipped out his hard pumping cock and began to follow my command. I watch him smiling keeping my heel pressed on his chest.

I finally removed my heel

Good boy. I finally removed my heel from his chest and crashed my red lips into his making out with him slowly and with full force the CEO grabbed me and bent me over the desk and inserted his hard cock inside of me.

I gasped out loudly, he opened me up and my pussy welcomed him in. I lifted up one of my legs with my heels steel on and he began to fuck me hard. He grabbed at the heel of my shoe and rammed me over and over.

I have won

You see. I have won. Its something about the  high heels shoes ‌  that instantly will get you dick. Men love it. It makes them out of control. It's like a mind fuck thing. I love it. Another victim I claimed. I raised up as he is continuously banging against his own desk, knocking stacks of paper off, and the cup of pens onto the floor.

As he jerked and bucked against me, I began crossing my eyes up and he groaned reaching to grab a handful of my hair.

He let out a big groan

I'm gonna cum! He let out a big groan and cocked back and rammed one good time, going in balls deep, and I felt hot ropes of cum shoot into me. Good thing I'm on birth control, I was leaking out juices some of it his and some of it mine.

I know what shoes to wear now every time, I want dick...

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