Her Red High Heel Boots

Keving couldn't take his eyes off of those boots

When Miranda stepped onto the subway, her red  high heels boots ‌  were the first thing to grab Kevin's attention. While the other men on the train were looking at her curvaceous body, Kevin couldn't take his eyes off of those boots. He didn't know what it was, but something about them was so sexy.

They were cherry red and sparkled in the light, like the paint job of a sports car that Kevin could only dream of owning. They clung tightly to her legs, accentuating how long and shapely they were.

It was like she knew what he was thinking

When he finally locked gazes with her, there was a knowing smile on her doll-like face. It was like she knew what he was thinking. Then she took the seat next to him, causing him to stiffen up. She could sense the tension in his body, the rigidness in his form, and she ached to rid him of it. The subway pulled into the station and came to a screeching halt. This was Kevin's stop. He cleared his throat, collected himself and his belongings, but when he stood to his feet, she stopped him.

She whispered, "wait till they leave."

Miranda pounced on him like a wild animal

Kevin blinked at her, confused, but he obeyed her and sat back down. The rest of the commuters piled out of the train, leaving him alone with the stranger with the cherry red boots. When the doors closed and the train took off, Miranda pounced on him like a wild animal, wrapping her legs, and those high heels boots, around his waist. She clutched onto his tie, kissing him desperately, her pink tongue diving into his mouth. A lust-filled growl escaped his lips, and his hands went to her skirt, slowly hiking it up to reveal her shapely behind.

Miranda's hands flew to his belt, and she pulled down his zipper to reveal his throbbing manhood. There was a sense of desperate urgency as his lips tore from her mouth and made their way to her breasts, kissing them as she tugged on his girthy member. She bit her lip as his hands moved to her panties, forcing them to the side to reveal her pulsing wetness. Unable to wait any longer, he plunged deep inside of her and groaned from the feeling of her tightness.

Miranda began writhing violently

Sensing that the next stop was coming up, Miranda began writhing violently against his staff, crashing her hips back and forth, using his body as a means to please her deepest, darkest desires. He gripped onto her ample rump, holding onto dear life as she gave him the ride of his life. Her moans became primal, desperate. Just as the subway pulled into the station, Miranda reached her climax. She panted, sweating, as her throbbing sex quivered on his member.

Then the doors came open, and Miranda leaped from Kevin's lap, swiftly pulling down her skirt to hide all evidence of their dirty deeds. As people poured into the train, she flashed Kevin a flirty smile and blew him a kiss before she stepped off the subway. As she walked away, the last thing he saw was her red high heels boots.

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