White Floral Lace Stockings

She was wearing these white floral lace stockings

There she was. Sitting in her flowy white spring dress. She was so beautiful. Lucy was her name. Her legs are usually bare when she wears dressed and skirts but this time, I notice something different as she was standing in front of me. She was wearing these  white floral ‌   lace stockings ‌  - She wore a bright smile on her face. She looked so innocent but at the same time, you can tell she was hiding something. An angel that is pure by day but a demon that is corrupted by night.

I sat in the grass looking up at her and I placed a hand on her dress and I slowly begin to lift it up. Lucy hurriedly pushed my hand off and grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled down. She blushed.

It's okay, I said as I looked up at her giving her a warm smile. She told me she was a virgin but was ready to lose it. I made sure everything was right. The setting. The time. The moment.

It was dawn and the grass around us was soft, I had laid down a towel for us to lay on and I let her lie down first and I proceeded to climb on top of her.

I was already hard just by looking upon her. Her innocence enticing me, but I know she is ready for me.

At first, It wouldn't go in, but...

I begin to kiss her pink soft lips closing my eyes and I stick my hand underneath her dress and press my fingers against her panties and notice that Lucy is moist. My fingers even sink in from the outside. I hear a whimper come from her voice. I kiss her neck sucking at it getting her in the mood. And she melts against me. I lift a leg up slightly and her  white floral ‌   lace stockings ‌  are resting on my broad shoulders now.

Are you ready? Lucy nodded her head slowly at me. I don't hesitate, I unzip my pants and scoot closer in between her legs and give in. At first, It wouldn't go in, but with a bit of wiggling around, her pussy finally accepted. All my inches slide in and I watch Lucy as she makes a face. I feel myself inside of her now, I whisper in her ear, Are you okay?

She softly says, "Yes"

So I go faster. I listen to my Lucy

I feel my cock grow as it feels so nice. My dick feels like a glove in her. The perfect fit. The perfect match. I stroke against her and I hear her make another sound. I'm careful but determined. I grip her hand holding it tight because I want her to feel secure. I want her to know, I would never hurt her.

All I want to do is make you feel good Lucy. That's all I ever want. I keep going, penetrating her as her legs are getting weak, I can tell she is close. I crash my lips against hers and make out with hers until she cries out and says, FASTER! I'm going to cum!

So I go faster. I listen to my Lucy. And now she knows what will happen next time she wear those  white floral ‌   lace stockings ‌  ...

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