Pantyhose VS Leggings

Pantyhose vs Leggings

There were two women in my life. Ms. Pantyhose and Ms. Leggings. And I couldn't choose between the two. Both equally did something to me, something I couldn't explain. I just knew when I would see them, my cock would become solid and excited.

There is a lot of different women in the world, and I don't discriminate. However, when I see Ms. Pantyhose and Ms. Leggings, I become trapped in their wicked seducing ways. At first, I would fight it. I would try to restrain myself, but I lose every single time. And it doesn't matter where I am, if I see them, I'm submissive. I'm usually dominant, but I don't mind letting them take control.

She looks at me with her parted red lips...

Finally, I get a close up look when I ran into one at the bar downstairs in the lobby of the hotel. I buy Ms. Pantyhose a drink and she accepts. She looks at me with her parted red lips. She drinks the drink with pride and walks over to me slow and sexy like and whispers something in my ear.

I knew what time it was.

... we headed towards my hotel room...

I thanked the bartender, and got up from my seat, and took her hand and we headed towards my hotel room. There were no words exchanged because those  black pantyhose ‌  were doing all the talking and my dick was ready to shut her up.

I immediately rush into the hotel room, closing the door behind us, and now she is in my realm. There is nowhere for her to escape now. We stumble until we fall on the bed and Ms. Pantyhose pushes me down all the way back and grabs my hardening cock out of my pants, but wait...not with her hands, nor her mouth.

She does something different

She does something different. She leans all the way back and grabs my cock with her feet while her  black pantyhose ‌  are still on and she starts to massage my dick up and down and I can't help but think how hot it is. Then there is a knock at the door. I hear a voice go. Room service. Ms. Pantyhose stops playing with my tool and she gets up and heads to the door.

No, don't answer that, I said. I didn't want our time to end. I could care less about room service. Ms. Panyhose softly responded, Relax, it's a friend.

I stayed right where I was

She opened the door and to my surprise, in walks Ms. Leggings. I didn't move. I stayed right where I was. Ms. Pantyhose stood off to the side and I noticed a leash in her hand and the collar was around Ms. Legging's neck.

Good girl, Ms. Pantyhose said, Go meet him.

Oh no, I groaned out and she was so hypnotic

Ms. Leggings, her ass, looked so round and juicy I almost came to the sight of it. Then I noticed a hole between those  Sports Leggings ‌  where her pussy was, her pussy was peaking out but the rest covered in sports leggings. She climbed on top of me and embraced my cock with her wetness. I groaned out and she was so hypnotic. As Ms. Leggings was riding me like a champ, Ms. Pantyhose actually got a tad bit jealous, and pushed off Ms. Leggings and shoved all of my cock in her mouth.

Oh no, war has just begun.

I think to myself, who can do it better?  Pantyhose VS Leggings ‌  ?

Pictures credit: Sexual Alpha

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