Bombshell Chloe Claims Another

All she wanted was Bryce...

Bombshell Chloe, a cheerleader, stayed after school for practice, but not to get her routine right, but to quench her desire for Bryce. A guy in her senior class she has had her eye on for the longest now. He was the star player on the football team, and he was ripped. She avoided going to practice and she knew she woul. get points taken, but she was a rebel, she didn't care. All she wanted was Bryce to bend her over and lift her skirt up and give it to her endlessly.

He immediately grabbed her tiny waist

She pranced out of the girl's locker room and pranced down the hall and snuck in the boy's bathroom and Bryce was right there waiting to hold his dick print. Chloe could tell his dick was throbbing through his pants and was aching for her touch. He immediately grabbed her tiny waist and her bimbo tits bounced and he locked lips, inserting his tongue practically down her throat.

Bryce picked her up proudly like a prize

Bombshell Chloe, who has a reputation around the school, claimed another. She raised her  thigh high athletic socks ‌  around his waist and Bryce picked her up proudly like a prize and started to suck erotically at her neck giving her hickeys. Bombshell Chloe melted against him as her legs get weak but he doesn't let her fall.

He briefly sets her back on the ground, and he lowers his pants as what seems of a monstrous cock pops out. Bombshell Chloe is intrigued and lowers herself to her knees. With her hand, she, latches on and immediately starts to suck on his veiny hard cock as he grips her blonde locks into a ponytail and groans.

Bryce pins her against the stall...

She sucks his long hard dick with pride, and her nipples become hard and poke through her cheerleader top. He guides her then motions her to stand up. Bombshell Chloe lifts her right leg in the air and Bryce pins her against the stall door and stuffs all of his dick in. Bombshell Chloe gasps as his hard cock enters inside her moist void and he thrust against her rocking her world. All you can see is her  thigh high athletic socks ‌  bobbing up and down The bathroom walls are immediately filled with passionate moans and the prominent banging of the bathroom stall door.

They both are fearless as they fuck, he grips and intertwines his fingers with hers and gives her quick hard strokes. Bombshell Chloe feels his dick ramming into her pink cunt she grips at his back giving him her marks. It heats up real fast as Chloe starts to moan louder and louder, good thing no one is around or else they would have been in big trouble.

... he starts to grean louder

Bryce is about to shoot hot ropes of cum into her tight wet vagina as he starts to groan louder and with one hard quick thrust he immediately pulls out and Bombshell Chloe drops to her knees and starts playing with her bouncy bimbo tits and looking up at her master, no her destroyer, no her lover licking out her tongue and letting out soft seductive moan sounds.

Bryce jacks off and paints Bombshell Chloe's face with all of his semen as he groans out.

Just another day, at cheerleader practice for Bombshell Chloe.

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