A Night In Rome

It was my twenty-fifth birthday

I had decided to fly out to Europe to get away from my small town chaos. I had invited my best friend Lya to go along with me, but only to get my mind off my ex-boyfriend. I had recently discovered that he was into brunettes. That brunette also happened to be my friend Jake, so I found myself trying to rediscover my life. Everything that I had known was a lie. Matt, my ex-boyfriend, had been my only lover, so I wondered if there was a way that I could ever find true euphoria. I had never had an orgasm before, and now I know why.

Upon arriving at the airport, I had not decided where exactly I wanted to go. I just knew that I needed to be far away. I told Lya to close hers eyes and point to a list of flights ready to depart. She held her left hand over her eyes, and used her right hand to run her fingers up and down the board. To our surprise she landed on Rome, Italy. In a matter of hours, we found ourselves in our hotel beds screaming from the excitement. This was only the beginning of many impulsive choices to come.

Lya suggested we check out a nearby club

On our first night, we could hardly sleep so we decided to check out the city. I was going to wear a simple jean and t-shirt combo when Lya suggested we check out a nearby club. At first I was hesitant, but then I thought What the Hell have I got to lose? As I was undressing, Lya handed me the shortest  black dress ‌  I had ever seen. In my small town I would never been caught dead wearing such a thing, but the hesitation only provided my mind with the ammunition to put the dress on. The part of me that was concerned with exposing my legs to the world had decided to compromise. I picked out a set of sheer,  black pantyhose ‌  that allowed me to feel somewhat comfortable with the clothing choice.

We walked down the street with our heels clacking against the pavement until we finally reached our destination. Similar to clubs in America, there was a long line to get into it. Lya, being the optimist, skipped the line and headed to the entrance with our hands held together in a tight grip. The bouncer quickly let us in upon seeing Lya in her Cher-esque slim fit gold dress. We danced our way through the crowd, hand in hand, until we made our way to the bar. During the dance-walk to the bar, we had walked past a man with piercing brown eyes whom I had briefly saw. He seemed to have been with another girl but I couldn't help but feel those piercing eyes on my body. Lya and I continued the night with shots and dancing, until a man came over. He asked Lya to dance. We both met eyes and I nodded to show her that I approved. They went out into the center of the crowd, so I made my way to the bar. The man that I had met eyes with was standing at the end of the bar staring at me. I couldn't help but wonder for how long.

Normally I would think Stranger danger and run off

Normally I would think Stranger danger and run off, but for some reason my feet would not move. We were stuck in this trance of looking at each other until I made a decision. I had reached rock bottom in my life and I looked all alone at the bar so I thought Just go for it. I pushed my way through the crowd to get to him. Unfortunately, I ended up pushing the wrong person. I had accidentally pushed a guy hard enough for him to spill his drink on himself. He turned to me and in a drunken rage cursed at me in another language. I tried to apologize but he kept yelling. At one point I believed he was going to hit me until the mystery man showed up and tried to talk him down. Again, in another language. From what I could tell, my mystery man was not handling the situation too well. The drunk guy took a swing and missed which resulted in the whole crowd going into a fighting frenzy.

The brown eyed hero grabbed my hand and fought our way to an exit where we promptly ran away into the dark. After some time my feet began to hurt so I had to stop to take my heels off. When I looked up I realized that he was a lot hotter than I had thought he was. In the club it was dark and I was a bit drunk, but out in the street light I got a better look. He was wearing a tight yet fitting dark blue button down shirt that show cased his muscular tone along with black pants and expensively black leather shoes. Looking at his face I noticed he had a beard but not so big that it was uncomfortable. It was more like stubble. We met eyes for a moment again until I decided to break the silence.

We met eyes for a moment again until I decided to break the silence

  • Thank you for saving me back there.
  • Oh don't worry about it. I would've done that for anybody.
  • So he speaks!

He chuckled with a sly grin across his face. I then extended my hand and introduced myself. He returned the gesture and replied, I'm Marco.

We stood there in silence until he said, Would you like me to walk you home? Just to make sure that guy doesn't catch up to you.

"Would you? I don't really know my place around this city yet."

Intrigued he answered, Oh really? Ok I'm not going to lie, I figured you might say that.

He proceeded to take my heels out of my hand

He proceeded to take my heels out of my hand and he lead me back to my hotel. Thankfully I remembered the name but I embarrassingly butchered it so horribly he continued to joke about it on the way there.

We made our way to the lobby when I noticed Lya walking with her own man.

Oh hey we were looking for you everywhere! After the fight broke out I was scared that you got lost in the crowd, she eyes Marco up and down.

But I see you've found your way. Well I only came back to tell you I was going to have a night cap at... What's your name again?, she looked at the guy she wrapped her arms around and he replied, Giovanni. Lya was always known for being the wild one so I was not so surprised when she mentioned this. In fact, I was surprised she even told me at all! Well, we'll be going now so you guys can have the room to yourselves. We both tried to tell her that it wasn't going to be like that but she continued walking out the door with her prey in hand.

I had even told him that I had never climaxed before

I faced Marco and decided to ask if he wanted to come up for a night cap. Only because I was the reason his night got ruined. We quietly entered the elevator and continued the trip in silence. Once we made it to the room, I asked if he wanted a drink from the mini bar. As time went on we had drunk one too many, and I ended up telling him my whole life story. I was so drunk I had even told him that I had never climaxed before. He looked at me with his eyebrows raised and said, Well, how about tonight? This night has been pretty eventful as it is. I looked at him with my eyebrows raised, but not with the same feeling. I calmed my expression when I was considering the pros and cons. I thought Why not send off the night with a 'first'?

I put my drink down on the nearest table and walked toward where he was sitting. I bent down to him and kissed him. As we were kissing, he pulled me in closer to him so that I was sitting on his lap with my legs spread. I could smell the cheap liquor mixed with the smell of his expensive cologne. My body began to move forward and backward but just enough so that it could pleasure him through his pants. He began to slowly lower his hands from my lower back, to the bottom of my dress, then further down so that he could reach underneath my dress. I began to feel a sensation telling my body that this is it. He continued to move his hands rubbing me as I was doing to him. The  black pantyhose ‌  were in the way so I stood up from him to take them off. He grabbed my hands to stop me. He knelt down in front of my excited body and slowly brought the pantyhose down to my feet as he kissed my exposed legs. I was so engulfed in the passion that I knew I couldn't wait any longer. I lifted my dress off of me to expose my naked body. As I stood before him, I noticed that he was ready too. He lifted his shirt off his back and proceeded to lead me toward the bed. We kissed not knowing which direction we were going and ended up against the wall. I couldn't wait any longer! I had to have him then and there! I unbuckled his pants roughly which seemed to excite him even more. He grinned at this action and unzipped his pants. He lifted me up against the wall and there was this brief pause where I moved my hand down his chest and into his pants. I lifted him up and into me. I couldn't help but moan at the pain. He asked if I was ok and I replied with a kiss. We continued to kiss as he moved up and down inside of me. I had never felt so alive! I was moaning so loudly that I was afraid someone might report us, but I couldn't stop it.

We moved from the wall to the bed in constant rhythm. He suddenly stopped. I looked at him to ask why, but he whispered in my ear, Turn over. I didn't expect this, but I could not stop wanting him inside me so I turned. He pushed himself inside me as I yelled from the pain, and when I say pain I mean the sudden pain right before the pleasure. He continued to move himself in a way so that he was stroking his member. I was being moved back and forth but at least my moans were concealed by the sheets. In the midst of this, I had a sudden idea. I grabbed his hand, released him from inside me and got up from the bed. He sat on the edge confused but I made my way over to him and pushed him back. I told him, I've always wanted to try something. I sat over him, legs spread, and kissed him on his mouth, then I lowered my head toward his chest continuing to press my lips against his skin. I kept going until I reached his lower region where it is not quite his abs but not quite his member either. He sat up and said, No! This is about you. We switched places. He made his way down my body and began to use his tongue in a way that God never intended. I was in paradise! I didn't know what he was doing but I kept screaming, DON'T STOP! Finally, I felt this overwhelming surge from within me. I couldn't move because my body was floating. I had finally reached euphoria.

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